There are many types of doctors — and chances are if you’re at the start of your medical career journey, you probably don’t have a firm idea of which one you’ll end up being. Or if you do, you might change your mind along the way. Most medical students still haven’t decided on their specialty in their final year of university. Many become GPs, meaning they can practice a range of medicine and use everything they learnt at uni. These videos will give you some insights into work and training in general practice.

1. What does a career in general practice look like?

GPTQ’s medical educator Dr John Buckley didn’t always know what career to pursue. But many years later, he is happy with his decision to become a GP. Watch our cartoon version of Dr Buckley discussing his love of general practice, from the variety of medicine to the long-term relationships with patients.

2. What’s it like working in rural medicine?

Rural Australia is screaming out for doctors — and it’s an exciting and rewarding place to work. If you’re considering a career in medicine, think about training and practicing in regional and rural areas. Even if you don’t end up working long-term in a rural area, the experience will make you a better doctor. In this two-minute video, GPs and registrars share their experiences of practicing in the country.

3. What is the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program?

Completing a medical degree is the first step to becoming a doctor, but the journey doesn’t end there. If you decide to become a GP, you need to complete the AGPT program with a registered training organisation like GPTQ. This three-minute explainer from GPTQ gives you the lowdown on what to expect when you apply and train via the AGPT.